Typesetting todo lists with fontawesome and the tasks package

The following example shows, how todo lists and similar documents can be typeset with the tasks package, a spin-off of the exSheets package to generate task-like environments.

In this example we define three tasks environments (for TODO, PROGRESSING, DONE), for each environment we use a different symbol from the fontawesome package, a collection of more than 600 logos, many of them related to internet and WWW.

One could also use these packages to e.g. get entries from a Trello board, see the article in my blog (German): https://www.uweziegenhagen.de/?p=4228


* Water the plants
* Shop for groceries
* Sort newspapers
* Clean the basement
* Sort \LaTeX\ books
* Reinstall Linux server
* Finish tax declaration
* Reinstall Windows server
* Reconfigure SSH access

tasks example