Compiling LaTeX online via

Blogs, forums, Q&A sites, FAQ sites, and web sites in general can now provide one-click LaTeX compiling on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The server provides a backend with a TeX Live 2020 installation. The server software was written by David Carlisle and is hosted on a virtual machine provided by Stefan Kottwitz, with financial support from DANTE for the hardware.

The tutorial site already switched to

That’s how it looks like on a web page:

\smartdiagram[descriptive diagram]{
  {Style,{Define shapes, colors, shading,
          and line styles for nodes and arrows}},
  {Position, {Place nodes using a matrix,
              relative or absolute positioning}},
  {Relation, Insert edges or arrows
             between selected nodes},
  {Label, Add labels on edges or arrows}}

Click on “Run LaTeX here” to open an embedded PDF viewer with the document output. And yes, you can edit the document right on the web page and compile again., and many further web sites are supported by DANTE e.V., the German language user group. Our 2021 DANTE spring meeting starts today, join us!