Boxes and more boxes

Boxes are a key concept in TeX/LaTeX as well as an useful tool, though not a very well known one. I believe this is due to the success of LaTeX in providing a high level interface to TeX, which allows the user to produce beautiful documents without getting acquainted with the concept of boxes. But it is useful to know the box concept because it enhances our understanding of TeX, helps us to avoid and solve problems and even can propose solutions for unusual circumstances. In this paper we reproduce, step by step, the reflection effect in the title of this job (PDF version below) in order to gain some knowledge of the box concept.

This paper was written in LaTeX and contains some resources that are difficult to reproduce using HTML and CSS (at least for me). For this reason, the paper is available for downloading in the links below. If you use Adobe Reader 6.0 or newer, choose the first link. If not, use the second one.